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24533Early Citizenship Records

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  • J.D. Kotrla-Chipps
    Nov 30, 2004
      I just "re-discovered" a pamphlet I have, called "The Czech Texans".
      It's part of a series that UT put out in 1972, dealing with the
      different ethnic groups that make up Texas. I don't know if it's still
      available, but I highly recommend it anyone interested in Czech history
      here in Texas.

      One of the things it brings out is a settler named Anthony Michael
      Dignowity, who immigrated in Oct 1832, to New York, then on to San
      Antonio, via Mississippi.

      Anyone have an earlier czech immigration to Texas? I was just wondering
      who the first one was.

      It goes on to talk about many other early settlers, the early
      settlements, and townships, newspapers, and organizations, and many old

      Title: The Texians and the Texans, THE CZECH TEXANS
      The University of Texas Institute of Texas Cultures



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