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24263Re: [TexasCzechs] czech dumplings

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  • Janet Tucker
    Oct 27 3:33 PM
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      This reminds me of my mom. She grew up in Ok and TX (non-Czech). She
      always cooked green beans and new potatoes together. Always! One time, I
      commented that I really didn't like the way they tasted together. She said
      that she didn't either. When I asked her why she did it, she just said that
      she didn't know. That's the way her mom did it, so she kept on doing it.
      There is a children's book like that. It is about a family that always fed
      the rolls or biscuits to the birds on Thanksgiving. One little grandchild
      tried to find out why they did it. Come to find out one of the grandparents
      or greatgrandparents hated his wife's biscuits lol.
      Still I like these traditions. I will probably cook green beans and
      potatoes too. Just because it reminds me of others that aren't with me now.
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      thats another theory that could explain the lack of dumplings in some of our
      families. maybe some people just didn't like them and as soon as they
      didn't have to make or eat them any more they stopped. to tie that in with
      the earlier statement i made about romanticizing some traditions that maybe
      previous generations didn't see in the same way, i have this funny memory of
      being in the grocery store with my parents: "look," my mom says to my dad
      "Maypo, remember that? i havent seen that in a long time." and they
      proceed to get all misty about something that i guess is like cream of
      wheat. finally my dad starts to grab a box and put it in the cart. "no,"
      says mom, "that stuff was disgusting. i always hated it."

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