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23791My trip to Czech Republic

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  • Judy Vondra
    Oct 3, 2004
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      Day Four:
      Today we awaken, still at our hotel in Celakovice and go to breakfast. I will have Corn Flakes once again, as I still can't eat luncheon meat for breakfast. It is so quiet in the hotel today as the massive group of Apostolic Members from all over the world are now gone. It is still cold outside but luckily I had bought a jogging suit jacket with hood. I cover my ears and we are off to shop again. The Vietnamese (?) have tents set up behind a small grocery store, which we shop first. The price of their clothes was similar to Wal Mart. We didnt find anything we liked there and hit the other shops. All of the textil's were owned by the Vietnamese. We go into the bakery and they have huge kolache's like I make. The bread is just lying open in bins. The bread is not wrapped and I see no flies around it. I'm shocked once again.
      We are awaiting for Calvin and our tour guide Petr Polakovic, who are returning that expensive Skoda to the airport. We have found a car in the nearby city of Brandys nad Labem, that is $350 USD for 5 days instead of for 1 day. We search for house # 4 to take pictures of it for someone on this list who has family from that house. The house numbers have been changed (updated). Now there are 2 house numbers. One in red #125 and in blue is the old house # 4. We take our pictures and head back to our room.
      Calvin has returned and we are now off to a Medieval Festival in a nearby village. We watch them make paper, pottery, candles, and tons of other things. The play they acted out must have been funny due to the audience laughing but we couldn't understand a durn thing.
      We return to our room after a long day and head across the street to the pub, where we have our usual pivo, slepicka, knedlicky and kava. It seems that is the only meal other than potatoe pancakes we eat on our entire trip because that was the only food we could say in Czech other than spagety.
      We return to our Hotel, pick up our key at the reception desk and have a few English conversations with the desk help. They all talk English. We buy many maps, a Coke and some dictionaries. We get in our room and I realize one of the dictionaries I had bought only contains four letter words (vulgar). We have no tv and an old timey radio that only has a volume button. It picks up only one station. I never missed my TLC or western channel.
      Day Five:
      Today we visit Letohrad, Petrovice and Vysoke Myto. We visit with the Skalicky family, a man named Frantisek Vyhyctil ( I didnt spell that right). He has been 81 yrs old since our first meeting in 1998. We finally have a good meal because our interpreter Petr is with us to order. We have a long visit with Frantisek, look at all the landmarks and then take Frantisek back home. We go to see the old Skalicky house in Petrovice. When we park to take pictures of the house, a nice little old lady comes out of the house across the street. She is so happy to see Americans and invites us in her house. We are amazed at how her house looks compared to ours. She begins to talk to our interpreter while we look at all her decorations. She then pulls out some photos of a woman named Annie Korinek who lives in Shiner Texas. She has many many many letters from Annie. She wants us to try to find out what has happened to Annie as she is no longer sending letters back to this lady. We take pictures of this lady and pictures of Annie's address in case anybody on this group is connected. We even take pictures of this lady's parents that are hanging on the wall. It is this lady's name day. Her name is Ludmilla. She offers us some candy and when we refuse it she tells us it's her name day and wants us to celebrate with her. We hate to go but we must now head back to Frantisek's  house for kava. We get into our cars and begin the drive back to Letohrad. I pull out all my emails from the people on this group. I remember somebody looking for family in Petrovice. I have found it. It is from MommaSpag -- Frances ( Hrdina ??) She is looking for the Junek family from Petrovice. I am just sick now. The lady we just left was the family I believe Frances was looking for. The lady was Ludmilla Junek. I cant go back to her house now as there are now 8 of us and 2 cars traveling and nobody willl want to turn around. Luckily, I do have all the information and some photos for Frances. We arrive back at Frantisek's house. Out comes the coffee, water, soda, and of course the liquor. We nazdravi (toast) to everything. Visit a while, take many photos and head out for Vysoke Myto.
      We arrive in Vysoke Myto to meet the Cermak family at the Pension ( a hotel and restaurace).  We had a great visit, took many photos, and decided to retire for the night. We have blown all the fuses in both rooms using our American to Czech wall adapters and now we dont have lights.
      Will write more later. I must try to work on this computer so I can show ya'll photos of the villages and castles, etc. This journal is just a story with a few tips to help anybody who might be planning a trip to Czech Republic.It would be much more interesting for everybody with the pictures. Hope I'm not boring many of you.
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