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23251Re: [TexasCzechs] Czech e-mail address

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  • barbi grl
    Jul 14, 2004
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      also...seznam.cz is like yahoo.cz. SOOOO many people
      have accounts. and i've had friends who have just
      gotten rid of the seznam account due to problems
      they've had...

      --- Sir John <jlmikeska@...> wrote:
      > Illiona.
      > Suggest you type out your email address in a message
      > to your friends, asking they be sure your address is
      > typed as you sent to them. Be sure they are using
      > the US language setting on their keyboard through
      > their computer so no CZ characters might be typed in
      > addressing your name.
      > Ask AOL for help if all else fails. May be they had
      > received high volume of Spam/virus in messages from
      > Sezam and have blocked the site. I could not
      > receive messages from a cousin in Oklahoma couple
      > years ago. Checked with my local ISP and they had
      > blocked the Oklahoma site. They removed the block
      > and I started getting messages again.
      > Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
      > What good is information if not shared with others?
      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] Czech e-mail address
      > Ahoj!
      > Since I have tried AOL several times without any
      > results, I will ask this list about a problem I have
      > encountered sending e-mail to the Czech Republic,
      > specifically one address. The domail is seznam.cz.

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