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  • pam
    Oct 1, 2000
      Hi my name is Pamela Klimes Crawford. I have been signed up for your group
      for about a month, and have been lurking and learning.
      I am searching the following names: Klimes, Klimesh, Cesal, Svec, Jelinkova,
      Kubalek,Bezdeka and Florian.

      My paternal great-grandparents were Frantisek and Mary Cesal Klimes/Klemish,
      Klimish. They lived in Chicago in th 1880-1890's.Their death certificates
      say both were born in Bohemia. My father's GREAT grand-parents on his
      grandmother's side were Martin and Anna Cesal. They lived at 801 Blue Island

      They had three children, Frank, Mary and Joseph.Joseph is my grandfather. In
      1895, my great grandfather slapped Mary's mother Anna Cesal, and it resulted
      in her death. One year later, Mary Cesal Klimes, committed suicide, and two
      months later Frantisek did as well. This left my grandfather, his brother
      and sister orphans. Martin Cesal, Anna's husband---Mary's father, gave
      custody to a John Florian. We have the court proceedings for this, but have
      no clue WHO John Florian was. I have the newspaper articles that were
      published concerning this, but nothing on John Florian.

      We have hit many roadblocks in researching these names. Including one, which
      told me his father knew the entire family. HOWEVER, his father did not want
      any information sent to us, because of the family disgrace. Though I am
      deeply saddened by the situation that occured, we still want to find our
      "FAMILY" out there. We do not know Frantisek's family at all, but a death
      notice in the Chicago Newspaper referred to him as our "brother."

      We would REALLY like to find family of our grandfather's brother, Frank
      Eugene Klimes. Frank ran for a state leg. position, worked as a railroad
      detective, and was married to Josephine, and Bessie....last names....not

      One person I emailed suggested that it was VERY possible that the
      Klimes/Klemish and Cesal families entered the United States through Texas,
      thus why I am subscribed to this group.

      I have already enjoyed the thread on the OVA..... Anyone know HOW that would
      be added to KLIMES? or KLEMISH? or KLIMISH?

      I am also researching the family of Frantisek Kozojed, from Velka Ves CZ. We
      have been VERY successful in that search, but still would love information
      about my grandmother's sisters who stayed in the old country.

      They were :
      Children -
      Name: Born/in: Marriage: Died/in:
      1. Mary 01.09.1878 Velká Ves No.1 marr. Kubálek* 21.08.1956 Velká Ves No.1
      2. Frances 05.09.1880 dtto 21.03.1895 dtto
      3. Antoinette 30.05.1883 dtto m. Jelinkova
      4. Anastasie 19.06.1885 dtto 09.08.1885 dtto
      5. Anastasie 23.09.1887 dtto ? 05.01.1955 dtto
      6. Josephine 31.03.1890 dtto 05.09.1891 dtto
      7. Elizabeth 20.11.1892 dtto M. Emil Bezdeka then Simco(so)
      8. Frances 07.04.1895 dtto ? ?
      9. AGNES 22.01.1898 dtto came to us in 1912 (1963 Twin Falls, ID) in USA
      10. Emily 18.11.1900 dtto ? 26.03.1926 Chválkov
      * Since this time is at No.1 in Velká Ves name Kubálek

      B.Parents –
      Frank KOZOJED ­15.03.1858 in Velká Ves No.1, farmer, V 01.06.1930 in V.V.
      No.1, burial 03.06.1930 at cemetery in Lukavec (him die aut house Kozojed in
      V.V. „up to sword“)
      marr. 01.06.1880 in church St. Wenceslaus in Lukavec
      Frances, nat. Švec ­28.07.1857, in household, V 27.01.1922 in V.V. No.1
      burial 29.01.1922 at cemetery in Lukavec

      I know this is a HUGE shot in the dark.....anyone have any ideas of how to
      continue my search for my family? I can not find ANY record of ANYONE of any
      of the names even entering the United States.....

      Thank you for having such a delightful group.
      I appreciate it SO much,
      Pam klimes Crawford, IDAHO
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