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22795Re: [TexasCzechs] Genealogy Book Re commendations, Prosím

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  • J.D. Kotrla-Chipps
    May 6, 2004
      Second submission:

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      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Genealogy Book Recommendations, Prosím

      > Best way to start is to write down everything you already know, and
      > you'll surprise yourself with how much that is. Parents, aunts, uncles,
      > cousins, grandparents, grandaunts and uncles, second cousins, etc.
      > I definitely recommend a genealogy program, but some are better than
      > others. I prefer RootsMagic, (http://www.rootsmagic.com). A new
      > version is just now being released.
      > I'd avoid paying for information, as most of it is a scam. Research in
      > Czechoslovakia will cost, and I'd go with recommendations from the list
      > here on people that are reputable. But that's "on down the road". For
      > now, fill in as much information as you already know, and talk to as
      > many living relatives as you can. They too will "remember" more than
      > they think they do once they get started.
      > I started off, much like yourself, a little over 15 years ago, and
      > didn't think I knew much at all, but lo and behold, I remembered more
      > than I thought, my sister helped with that which I had forgotten, and
      > then aunts and uncles started popping up, and family bibles, and
      > newspaper articles, (mostly obits) with more names, and today, I have a
      > database of over 8,000 relatives. You will too, and it's a great legacy
      > to leave your family. I wish someone had done all of this before
      > everyone died off, a lot has been lost forever. But I've been able to
      > preserve much more that would have been lost in a few more generations.
      > Like I say, it's a great legacy to leave behind, and it's a very
      > rewarding process. Family reunions are great fun, and much information
      > can be gathered, be sure and find out if, and where one is. Or start
      > one yourself. Good way to "meet the family" living and dead.
      > Good luck, you will enjoy your search, I guarantee. It's a great
      > experience!
      > leannamongan wrote:
      >> When I joined this list a mere month ago, genealogy was the last
      >> thing on my mind. Then it happened - I have been bitten by the "who
      >> are my great-grandparents" bug. I've signed up for the 2 week free
      >> trial at Ancestry.com, and did not learn anything I didn't already
      >> know - my grandparents immigrated to Galveston in 1908. So, now I'm
      >> stuck.

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