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22791Re: [TexasCzechs] Genealogy Book Recommendations, Prosím

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  • J.D. Kotrla-Chipps
    May 6, 2004
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      Best way to start is to write down everything you already know, and
      you'll surprise yourself with how much that is. Parents, aunts, uncles,
      cousins, grandparents, grandaunts and uncles, second cousins, etc.

      I definitely recommend a genealogy program, but some are better than
      others. I prefer RootsMagic, (http://www.rootsmagic.com). A new
      version is just now being released.

      I'd avoid paying for information, as most of it is a scam. Research in
      Czechoslovakia will cost, and I'd go with recommendations from the list
      here on people that are reputable. But that's "on down the road". For
      now, fill in as much information as you already know, and talk to as
      many living relatives as you can. They too will "remember" more than
      they think they do once they get started.

      I started off, much like yourself, a little over 15 years ago, and
      didn't think I knew much at all, but lo and behold, I remembered more
      than I thought, my sister helped with that which I had forgotten, and
      then aunts and uncles started popping up, and family bibles, and
      newspaper articles, (mostly obits) with more names, and today, I have a
      database of over 8,000 relatives. You will too, and it's a great legacy
      to leave your family. I wish someone had done all of this before
      everyone died off, a lot has been lost forever. But I've been able to
      preserve much more that would have been lost in a few more generations.

      Like I say, it's a great legacy to leave behind, and it's a very
      rewarding process. Family reunions are great fun, and much information
      can be gathered, be sure and find out if, and where one is. Or start
      one yourself. Good way to "meet the family" living and dead.

      Good luck, you will enjoy your search, I guarantee. It's a great

      leannamongan wrote:
      > When I joined this list a mere month ago, genealogy was the last
      > thing on my mind. Then it happened - I have been bitten by the "who
      > are my great-grandparents" bug. I've signed up for the 2 week free
      > trial at Ancestry.com, and did not learn anything I didn't already
      > know - my grandparents immigrated to Galveston in 1908. So, now I'm
      > stuck. Since it has been 100 degrees plus here in Southern
      > California, I made good use of the air conditioning (and Thomas train
      > set for the kids) at Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon. That was a
      > pointless trip except for the $15 I spent at the Starbucks (kids
      > again - they sure can be expensive!) So, tonight I started going
      > through Amazon.com. I like them, new books and free shipping.
      > However, there are a lot of books there about Genealogy. Even the
      > reviews are too helpful. I looked through this TexasCzech website
      > since this seems to be the biggest group of family researchers I am
      > familiar with, but could find no recommendations for basic beginners
      > book on how to find out who my ancestors were.
      > My aunt did a family tree with all the basics of who married who when
      > and births from these unions, but that is it. Well, not exactly
      > all. It seems many of us have been unlucky in love, so the divorces
      > are there too.
      > Anyway, I would just like to know what all ya'll think about the
      > various genealogy how-to books out there and where best I might spend
      > my husband's hard earned money. I was also thinking about getting
      > one of those software programs to organize it all, but again, there
      > are people who love and hate them all. Does anyone here use any of
      > these things or is it a waste of time learning how to use yet another
      > computer program?
      > And, since I'm asking questions here, does anyone have any idea how
      > to find out who my grandparents parents were? I asked my aunt and
      > she doesn't know. Since they were both born in Moravia in the
      > 1880's, is there anyway to find out? Sorry if that makes anyone
      > shake their head in disbelief, but I was just wondering...
      > I'd really appreciate any opinions or recommendations.
      > Thanks so much,
      > Leanna Šulák Mongan
      > Somehow related to people named Sulak, Kovar, Jakubec, Valek, Hurtik,
      > Watterson, Haynes, Thacker, Sefcik, Marek, Shebesta, Ketterman,
      > Hradecky, Knesek, Gravston, Walton, Hlavinka, Barnes, Ambruzova,
      > Kubacek, Stephan, Rusnak, Beeler, Darilek, and Frei
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