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22355Re: [TexasCzechs] Traveling to the Czech Republic

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  • barbi grl
    Mar 18, 2004
      i'll type in a few tips i find useful...
      i came by myself - kind of with a group, but separated
      myself from them at times. groups have their
      advantages - like a tour guide who knows cool facts.
      being alone you have to read up yourself - each are

      large groups are not well-liked in many places here
      still because there aren't many large places - like
      restaurants and pubs. i've been in groups of 12 or
      more and we were turned away sometimes.

      money - travelers checks i suggest AGAINST. i think
      using an ATM is easiest and you can pull out as
      necessary. exchange rate is just as good if not a
      little better.

      arranging airlines - internet or agency. looked for
      cheapest route. lufthansa used to be cheapest, but not
      so anymore from what i've seen. if you're a teacher,
      you can apply for a Teacher's card that offers
      discounts. in part with ISIC card for students and the
      IYIC card for youth under 26.

      off-beaten paths. just look down a street, if you
      like, try it. you never know what you might find.
      also...a great site is www.virtualtourist.com lots of
      people with their travles, giving their hints and

      places to stay - if you're in the small villages, you
      wont usually have a problem hitting a pension/hostel.
      be prepared for a Huge difference sometimes. it's what
      me and my friends might call "czechish." :)
      recommendations - great village in moravia: stromberk.
      they have a beautiful hotel: www.hotelsipka.cz i've
      stayed there twice.

      i'm listed on virtualtourist as barbipez, so if you go
      to the site, you can see some of what i've written in
      about places in europe.

      one thing about traveling - when you mingle with the
      locals, act like a local. dont walk into a local
      hospoda/pub with loud obnoxious voices if everyone
      else is not. and dont go there telling them about what
      they are or what their culture is like. i've been in
      bars where some foreigner will come in and start
      talking about communism in prague to people who Lived
      thru it...dont get me wrong, discussing an issue is
      one thing. telling a 1st-hander what it was like when
      they already know is something different.


      --- FMikula@... wrote:
      > Many of you have traveled to the Czech Republic "on
      > your own" rather than on
      > a group tour. I know that there are listers now that
      > may be planning to travel
      > to the CR "on their own" for the first time.
      > I feel it might be very useful for these folks if
      > you "experienced" travelers
      > shared your experiences and provided tips to these
      > "first timers."
      > How did you arrange your travel? What airlines,
      > routes, connections do you
      > recommend? If not just visiting relatives over
      > there, how did you find quaint
      > off the beaten path areas of interest? How did you
      > arrange your travel about the
      > country? Did you use an "in-country" guide? Are
      > there contacts you can
      > provide for such a trip?
      > Sharing such info and useful tips could prove to be
      > very interesting and
      > informative.
      > So, please, take a bit of time off from your spring
      > chores and share with us!
      > I might have some such tips myself!
      > Ol' Frank

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