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22345Re: [TexasCzechs] Traveling to the Czech Republic

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  • Judy Vondra
    Mar 16, 2004
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      That is why we are hiring an interpreter. I will definitely not order wine
      and soup. $350?? for wine and soup? Wow. My family normally hires Petr to
      drive them around which is about $100 a day. It will be costly but I would
      just spend the money on something else here. If I'm going, I'm going all
      out. I will keep my ears and eyes open for the Beran family. Where do they
      Judy Vondra
      Lovelady, Texas

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      > Traveling to CR can be very fun but you must watch out
      > for the pickpockets, little children mostly . My first
      > trip to CR was back in college , in all I spent only
      > $500 for round trip airfare. I landed in Amsterdam and
      > took the Tram to CR. a pass is only $200 and is good
      > for 15 days on any tram but the catch is you can only
      > board five times. But it is still good to have. I
      > learned quickly to stay out of the Classy bars, in one
      > place I ordered a glass of house wine and a soup.
      > thinking it would only be a few dollars. I was wrong
      > it turned out to be $350 after that I stayed with the
      > street venders, it is cheap and wonderful. For those
      > who wish to experience Czech not as a tourist there
      > are families willing to take you in for a little fee
      > it is less than a Hotel and you get free showers and
      > wonderous meals. As for air Travel I went through AAA
      > they have some good airfares for the summer . But if
      > you travel as a family or a couple I would suggest
      > going to Cheapairfares.com it has some of the best
      > fares I have seen. Including around the world fares
      > starting at 1800$ ..My wife and I went last year to
      > spend The Holidays with my cousins and it was great.
      > But summer is the best time. If you do go over make
      > sure you can at least read some Czech or even Speak a
      > few words, they love to stick it to you on some
      > things. Like prices will be written in czech not
      > english and if you do not understand you could be
      > paying a higher price. also when you exchange your
      > money for Euros go to the banks , the Czechoslovakian
      > Bank in Prague is the best deal. with all this in
      > mind have a good time and say Hello to the Beran
      > Family when you get there. John Beran
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