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2102Re: [TexasCzechs] Twyla G. Hare-Hruska Family

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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    Sep 2 7:30 PM
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      Let me tell you my sad story... for many years I assumed my great grandparents lived and died in Czechoslovakia. It was only within the past 2 years I found out that they came to America in the 1860's. I trotted down to the LaGrange Courthouse because my grandma and grandpa Orsag papers would be there waiting for me. WRONG. It seems Orsag is German for Orsak and to my dismay Orsak is like being named Smith or Jones. The courthouse put all the Orsaks in the back of the book because there are so many of them. Needless to say I am still searching for them. There's nothing more stubborn than a genealogist except for a Czech genealogist.

      Frances Kay Nelson wrote:



      The problem with the names that I am working with, is
      that I thought that they were unique. No one around
      Amarillo seemed to know what a Krizan or Hruska was.
      Later on in life, I found I was dealing now with
      Hoffman, Dycus, Durham, Krizan, Hruska, Rydlova (Rydl)
      and Martinec. I haven't been able to go back very many
      generations on any of these families.

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