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20716Translating Czech/German names to English

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  • Roland Beausoleil
    Nov 4, 2003
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      Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 06:36:51 -0600
      To: TexasCzech list,

      I found this in the MORAVIA-L archives and thought that it might be
      helpful to other people on this list.

      Roland Beausoleil

      From: Ken Chromy <kc05402@...>
      To: MORAVIA-L@...
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      Subject: [MORAVIA-L] Re: given names - translations
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      I have been following the recent discussion on this list regarding the
      translation of given names from "Czech" or German to English. For a
      number of years I have been trying to compile "the perfect list" of
      these translations, only to realize that there is no perfect list.
      While most names have a generally accepted translation, you can many
      times find an exception to the rule if you hunt hard enough. At the end
      of this message I have listed a hundred or so names (men's names first,
      then women's) that I have found through various sources including names
      from my own ancestors and other relatives. I welcome additions and

      One of the more interesting names for me has been Vaclav. It's German
      equivelant is Wenzeslaus or Wenzel and the most commonly used English
      translation seems to be James (though apparently some individuals have
      choosen James). I have found records or articles about my great
      grandfather that have used all of the following variations: Vaclav,
      Wazclaw, Wenzel, Wencl, Vencil, Wenceslas and Vincent. At first that
      seemed so strange, but when I think of it in common day terms, seeing
      Bill, Billie, Willy, etc. for someone who's name was William or Kathy,
      Katherine, Cathrina, Cathy, Kathleen and all its other variations
      doesn't not seem so unual.

      I appears to me that some of the Czech names may not actually have an
      English equivilant and so our immigrant ancestors just "picked" an
      English name. Possibly Vaclav is one such example. I believe that is
      also the case for Otakar which often was changed to Otto.

      Ken Chromy
      Ohiowa, NE

      Researching: Andel, Beranek, Bernasek, Cerny, Chromy, Codr, Kruta,
      Nesladek, Ruzicka, Schelbitzki, Shavlik, Sieber, Urbanek. If you have a

      few minutes, stop by my homepage at: http://www.my-ged.com/chromy/
      Most of our ancestors came from Moravia or Bohemia. Click on the
      "Surnames" hyperlink to get to the index of names in the file.

      Czech German English

      Adolf Adolph Adolph
      Vojtech Adelbert Albert
      Alojzy Alois Louis
      Ambroz Ambrosius Ambrose
      Ondrej Andreas Andrew
      Antonin Anton Anthony
      Arnost Ernst Ernest
      Artur Arthur Arthur
      Bartolomej Bartholomaus Bartholomew
      Bedrich Fridrich Fredrick
      Bohdan Deodat Theodore
      Bohumil Gottlieb Theophil
      Bohumir Gottfried Godfrey
      Boleslav Boleslaw Wesely
      Cenek Vincent
      Cyril Cyrill Cyril
      Denis Dionys Dennis
      Detrich Diedrch Derek
      Eduard Eduard Edward
      Frantisek Franz Frank
      Rehor Gregor Gregory
      Ignac Ignaz Ignatius
      Jindrich Heinrich Henry
      Jakub Jakob Jacob
      Jan Johannes John
      Jeronym Heironymus Jerome
      Jiri Georg George
      Josef Joseph Joseph
      Karel Karl Charles
      Krystof Christoph Christopher
      Lukas Lukas Luke
      Ludvik Louis
      Marek Markus Mark
      Matej Matthias Matthias
      Matous Mattaus Matthew
      Metodej Methodius Methodius
      Mikulas Niklaus Nicholas
      Moric Mortitz Morris
      Oldrich Ulrich Ulrick
      Onufry Onuphrius Humphrey
      Pavel Paul Paul
      Petr Peter Peter
      Sergej Sergius Serge
      Sigfrid Siegfried Sigfiend
      Stanislav Stenzel Stanley
      Stepan Stefan Steven
      Tadeas Thaddaus Thaddeus
      Teodor Theodor Theodore
      Timotej Timotheus Timothy
      Tomas Thomas Thomas
      Vaclav Wenzel James
      Valtr Walter Walter
      Vavrinec Lorenz Lawrence
      Viktor Viktor Victor
      Vilem Wilhelm William
      Vincenc Vincenz Vincent
      Vit Vitus Guy
      Zdenek Sidonius Sidney
      Zigmund Siegmund Sigmund
      Eliska Elise Alice
      Agata Agathe Agatha
      Aloisie Aloisia Louise
      Alzbeta Elisabetha Elizabeth
      Anna Anne Ann
      Anezka Agnes Agnes
      Apolonie Apollonia Apollonia
      Borbora Barbara Barbara
      Bibiana Viviana Vivian
      Blanka Blanka Blanche
      Bozena Theone Beatrice
      Dorota Dorothea Dorothy
      Edita Editha Edith
      Emilie Emilie Emily
      Frantiska Franziska Frances
      Ivana Johanne Joan
      Hedvika Hedwig Avis
      Jindriska Hendrike Henrietta
      Jirina Georgia Georgia
      Jitka Juditha Judith
      Josefa Josephina Josephine
      Julie Julia Julia
      Katerina Katharine Kathryn
      Libena Caritas Charity
      Lucie Lucia Lucy
      Ludmila Lidmilla Ludmila
      Milada Mildred
      Milka Millie
      Magdalena Magdalena Madeline
      Marcela Marcella Marcella
      Marie Marie Mary
      Marketa Margrethe Margaret
      Otakar Otto
      Otilie Matilda
      Pavla Pauline Paula
      Rut Ruth Ruth
      Ruzena Rosa Rose
      Stepanka Stefanie Stephanie
      Terezie Therese Teresa
      Viktoria Viktoria Victoria
      Vlasta Patricia
      Zofie Sofie Sophia
      Zuzana Susanna Susan

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