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  • Susan Rektorik Henley
    Oct 1, 2003
      I have been contacted by a person with family roots connected to mine--through Moravia, Texas, and the Jalufka and Rektorik lines. But, I have little info to share as he is beginning his search on BLAHUTA; and, I, too need information on that family. I believe I have seen some posting on the surname. Also, I only have JALUFKA info on the one that combined with the Rektorik one. The info I have is as follows:
      > ... Julius Blahuta Jr. (he went by the name Butch) of Moravia, Texas in Lavaca County.  His father,  was Ira Sr., whose father was Frank Blahuta and mother was a Jalufka by her maiden name.  And, as you know, the Jalufka family was one of the original families who settled Moravia, Texas.  It is our family who owned the Moravia Store for so many years.  <
      If any of you are willing to work with this young man who is just starting his research, please let me know.
      Also, I believe I once was told that there is a BLAHUTA Family genealogy book out there, is anyone familiar with it?
      Thanks in advance for any help.

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