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2The transfer of the list is complete

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  • pjjanis@hotmail.com
    Apr 4 12:28 PM
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      Hello everyone,

      The membership list from texasczechs@... has been
      successfully moved to texasczechs@egroups.com. Please send any
      future messages to texasczechs@egroups.com. Also, I invite you to
      explore the features of this new listserver. I have set up two
      databases that are accessible from the site: Czech Recipies and
      Czech Immigrant Database. I havn't added any recipies yet, but there
      are two names in the Immigrant Database. Please feel free to add to
      both of these and suggest any others. Both databases are sortable by
      any of the fields.

      The message archive is also searchable. Egroups will assist in
      moving our archive over to this list, but that may take them a
      while. For now, the archives are still available at listbot.com.


      Patrick J. Janis
      Technology Committee Chairman