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  • Laura Petter Pilgrim
    Sep 1, 2003
      "Joshue J." <rebelred72@y...> wrote:
      > Hello all my last name is Jalufka and i am looking for history on
      > the "Jalufka" name

      Hi Joshue, If you will type JALUFKA in the search window on the
      TexasCzechs homepage at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/texasczechs/
      you will find a number of messages discussing the surname, including
      one of your own earlier requests and one of my messages, plus photos
      of the Jalufka House in Corpus Christi in the Photos section submitted
      by Susan Rektorik Henley. Several of our TexasCzech members have
      Jalufka connections.

      My own connection is through marriage of a paternal uncle (deceased),
      Otto Petter, who married Virginia Mae Jalufka, daughter of Julius
      George Jalufka and Mary Ann Pustjovsky. Julius George Jalufka was
      the son of Ignac E. Jalufka and Agnes Holub. I believe Ignac and
      Agnes Julufka are ancestors in Susan R. Henleys family tree also.

      Ignac Jalufka and Jakob Holub (who was the great grandfather of my
      aunt Virgina's grandmother, Agnes Holub Jalufka) came to Lavaca Co.,
      TX from Moravia, Empire of Austria (now C.R.) in 1874. There is a
      short writeup about the old Moravia General store in Moravia, TX at:
      http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/texasczech/ The store was origianlly
      built by Ignac Jalufka. It was also a saloon and a post office, and
      Mr. Jalufka was the Postmaster until he died in 1920.

      For additional links you might also go to http://www.Google.com and
      type "JALUFKA +genealogy" or "JALUFKA +history" into the search
      window, if you haven't already. And of course there are many other
      genealogical research websites on the internet, such as the LDS,
      Cyndi's, Ancestry.com, Roots Web, etc. Try them all. Good luck!

      Lolly Pilgrim
      Houston, TX
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