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19169The Name Lukasik????

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  • britewitelite
    Jul 3, 2003
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      Dear Group Members----
      ----I am a 21 year old college student whose last name is Lukasik.
      I've never really known much about my heritage or story of my name.
      All I know is my Grandmother moved to Texas...I think
      Cleveland...Married a Lukasik, had my father....when my dad was 16
      his father RICHARD LUKASIK died...and they moved back to Louisiana
      where my grandmother is from and now my family resides. My dad never
      really speaks much about him. My grandmother has only told me that
      his parents were Rose and Anton Lukasik...I've heard my dad speak of
      an Aunt Pauline but I'm really not sure of that connection. Please,
      if you have any information or know how I can better search for the
      history of my geneaology..please email me at
      <britewitelite@...> Any information you can provide would be a
      huge stepping stone as I venture to find my roots.
      thanks again