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  • Joe Garrison
    Oct 4, 2002

      Thank you for the info.

      Do you know who the parents were for J.F. Ignatz Jalufka?
      I think the town your thinking of is Mnisi. That is where my branch of
      Jaluvka's were from in Moravia.
      You have sure been a big help to a lot of people. I read all your posts.
      Thanks for sharing.


      Search Jaluvka, Stavinoha, Olsovsky.

      >From: "Susan Rektorik Henley" <srektorik@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Jalufka Search
      >Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:52:58 -0500
      >Agnes Jalufka, the daughter of Ignatz and Agnes Holub Jalufka married my
      >great Uncle John (Jan) Rektorik.
      >The following information is from the book " Czech Pioneers of the
      >Southwest" by Henry Maresh and Estelle Hudson. It was copyrighted in 1934
      >by South-West Press, Dallas, Texas.
      >"Jacob Hollub and his son-in-law, J. F. Jalufka founded the settlement in
      >1880 and called it Moravia...
      >..."J.F. [Ignatz] Jalufka...lived in Moravia [until he died]...his widow,
      >Mrs. Jalulka was the sister of Jacob Hollub....Of the large family of sons
      >and daughters of the Jalufka family, eleven are living, three having died
      >after they reached their years of maturity. Mrs. Joe Chromcak, formerly
      >Anna Jalufka, is the wife of a farmer at Hallettsville. Agnes--Mrs. John
      >Rektorik--is the wife of a farmer in Violet, Texas. Julie--Mrs. Emil
      >Gieptner--and husband, live in Schulenburg. Lillie--Mrs. Frank Blahuta--is
      >the wife of a merchant at Moravia. They own the old Jalufka building of
      >pioneer days. Julius G. Jalufka is a teller in a Hallettsville bank.
      >Carrie--Mrs. Charles Ford--is the wife of the inspector of railroad cars in
      >Houston. Jerome Jalufka is a ginner at Violet. Willie Mae--Mrs. Herman
      >Schwenke--is the wife of a salesman in El Paso. Miss Helen Jalufka is a
      >stenographer in Hallettsville. Olllie--Mrs. Vernon Brauner--resides in
      >Schulenburg. The deceased are Frances--Mrs. Alfred Gieptner--of Shiner;
      >Mary -- Mrs. Eugene Cravens--wife on a physician of San Antonio, and Miss
      >Edna Jalufka of San Antonio."
      >From the book, it looks as if the Hollub/Jalufka connection was established
      >in Iowa where the Hollub family originally immigrated in 1848 from Myssi
      >(this spelling is not correct), Moravia.
      >Does this help?

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