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15442RE: [TexasCzechs] Photo attached - Vaclav Kveton and Friend

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  • D. Coats
    Aug 28, 2002


      Here’s my thoughts on the picture:

      The background is not natural which makes me think a professional photographer took the picture.

      Vaclav looks to me to be at least 40.  His hair is pretty sparse on top.

      The gentleman standing sure did dress up for the picture with his pocket watch and lapel pin.  This makes me think it was taken for some kind of organization. 

      The lapel pin might give us a clue if someone can recognize it.  When I zoom in, I don’t get much detail.  But I can make out that it is oval in shape and he is wearing it slanted.  The center is dark or maybe there is no center and the darkness is his suit.  There is something in medium color coming down the bottom of the pin.


      I haven’t asked any relatives yet about the picture but I’ll get started right away.  If anyone disagrees with my thoughts, let me know.  I’ll be in touch and let you know how I’m coming on along.



      Researching: Barton Kudelka Drgac Marek


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      He was 25 when he arrived in 1882.  He looks somewhat older than 25 on that
      picture......don't you think?  My guess is that it was taken in Fayette
      County before he married. No photography studio was named.  I look forward to
      hearing from you with your comments.
      Nancy Machu

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