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14859Re: Cotton picking

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  • Pat Lyon
    Aug 2, 2002
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      I've been reading all your entries and enjoying them & couldn't resist
      putting my two cents in. I was born around the time of changeover from
      handpicking to machine-picked, so I was fortunate not to grow up picking
      cotton. My dad embraced corn & cotton pickers immediately! (there is
      enough hard work on a farm without that!). However, my baby book records
      that for my second birthday on October 11, 1948 I picked 12 lbs of cotton!
      So far as I know, that's the most I ever picked!
      My mom always talks about picking (and hoeing) cotton though. It must have
      been miserable work. She did say her father would always save her sack as
      the sample because she picked the cleanest of the family.

      I, too, always see the left-over cotton after picking/stripping and think
      "what a waste." Maybe we should rethink some of our punsihment & rehab
      situations, for those folks to do some cotton picking as their sentence.
      Better cotton, and a good reason to stay out of trouble! Would also sweat
      out the alcohol & drugs and make them proud of a physical job well done.

      Hoope to see most of you in Ennis!
      Pat Lyon