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13536Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: Search Engine at your website

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  • Steve Alvarez
    Apr 29, 2002
      Your Welcome.  As I told you it just plain stunk the way it ended up after I reformatted the indexes. So I am glad you told me because I didn't know anything was wrong. 
      I woulld contact the Milam County Genealogy Society.  I sure would expect someone to contact us before they raided our obits.  It seems that would be the proper thing to do.  If it was straight out of the paper then I would say just post  them. 
      If they say no.  Then what I can do is take the names and create a link to the obit on their website.  There are usually ways around things. (grin)
      These were all posted by the
      Milam County Genealogy Society.  Do I need to contact them before
      posting them to TexasCzechs?

      If it's OK to post them, they do state the date and paper that they are from, do I mention the Genealogy Society?  And if it's OK to post them it'll be a while because I want to check the names at the website and make sure I'm not submitting a duplicate (I will send each one individually).  I have no connection to most of these obitsKathy OHIO

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