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  • makz3d
    Mar 29, 1946

      I kept meaning to thank you for fixing the search engine at the
      website. Sorry for being late with this thank you and for putting
      you through so much trouble getting it fixed.

      Now for the really good news<G>. I found loads of obits at the
      Milam County Message Board at Rootsweb.com. In Word I have pasted
      Milam County TX Obits from the website. It resulted in 24 pages of
      obits. I went through and did obits with names that looked Czech or
      looked familiar from the TexasCzechs. These were all posted by the
      Milam County Genealogy Society. Do I need to contact them before
      posting them to TexasCzechs?

      If it's OK to post them, they do state the date and paper that they
      are from, do I mention the Genealogy Society? And if it's OK to
      post them it'll be a while because I want to check the names at the
      website and make sure I'm not submitting a duplicate (I will send
      each one individually). I have no connection to most of these
      obits. If anyone has any connection to Milam Co they might want to
      check out the Milam Co, Texas Message
      Board at Rootsweb.com. It seems like there were several hundred

      Kathy OHIO
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