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  • Paula Gilbert
    Aug 1, 2000
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      Re: the cookbook dedication that I just sent, I thought I'd let you
      know that my grandfather Frank J. Musil operated a poultry farm in
      Stamford, TX, which at one time was one of the largest in the North &
      West Texas area. That's one reason you'll see so many references to
      Chickens and eggs. We ate lots of chicken & eggs - Papa couldn't
      sell cracked eggs and they couldn't be wasted. So we had eggs fixed
      many ways, and my mother made lots of noodles (she still does to this
      day, using the bleached-out feed sacks to dry them on).

      In the dedication, my parents are Emory and Mary, who lived in
      Stamford and helped out on the farm until we moved to Wichita Falls
      in 1956. I have many memories of playing in the hatchery and helping
      gather eggs in the many chicken houses as a young child.