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  • cpatgo4it@aol.com
    Aug 24, 2003
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      you want me.
      Name: Patricia Ann Mendell
      Maiden name: Byrd
      Nickname: Pat
      Address: 3787 Hwy 147 N
         Zavalla, TX 75980
      Phone: 936-897-8275
      DOB: 11/23/1948
      Triad place: Birth mother
      Searching for:  My daughter.  Unfortunately I do not remember for sure her
      DOB.  I am almost positive that she was born in June, close to father’s day in
      1970 or 71.  The reason I can’t remember is that for so many years she was my
      secret, I never talked about her.  I tried to be honest and told my first
      husband about her, but he was very unkind about it.  So when I married my second
      husband I decided to keep her a secret, and I did for almost 30 years.  About a
      year ago I started having this urge that I needed to talk about her.  I told
      my daughter first.  She was very excited at the prospect of having a sister.  I
      swore her to secrecy.  But she could not keep this secret and told her
      brother without my knowledge.  Then about 6 months ago I had this really strong urge
      to tell my husband Jerry as I was driving home, and I did.  He took it
      wonderfully.  We immediately went to Catholic Charities and filled out the necessary
      paper work for her to find me.  I have not been able to come up with the $100
      that they want so that I can get the non-identifying information on my child
      and myself yet, but I hope to do that soon.  This is what I remember for
      sure:  She was adopted through Catholic Charities in Houston, TX.,  Born at St.
      Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Houston,  and one of the nurses told me that she
      had red hair.

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