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307-31-57-ISO of B-Mom and 5-7 Siblings from Post, Tx

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  • Debbie
    Jul 26 1:14 AM
      Hello Everyone,

      I am a B-Mom who is trying to help a old friend named Tanya Holbert
      who is going to be 46 on July 31st, and was born in Lubbock, TX find
      her B-mom, and siblings.
      Her B-Mom's name is Nora Redmond from Post, Texas. Last known state
      of residence was Oklahoma over 25 yrs ago. Nora should be somewhere
      around early to mid 60's. We know she went to the high school in
      Post, TX.
      Tanya's son is suffering from a brain tumor that could be cancerous,
      and she really needs B-Mom's medical information soon. Tanya also has
      a very rare blood type, and so does her son. She may need her B-mom
      to help with transfusions if she is willing.
      Please if you have any information about Nora, or any of her
      biological children (Tanya thinks there were btw 5 to 7 siblings,
      however, she thinks she was the only one put up for adoption) please
      contact me ASAP.

      Debbie Jackson

      anned(at)alaska . net

      (Change to "at" sign and no spaces please)

      ICQ 4113906
      Yahoo -alaskadeb45
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