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Re: [TeslaTurbine] Welcome to My Quest for My Perfect Mate

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  • Vladimir Filipovic
    Hi, I can t open this http://www.whodaresdates... ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free, easy-to-use web site design
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2003
      I can't open this http://www.whodaresdates...
      --- anannyinflorida1 <anannyinflorida1@...>
      > I am on a QUEST for my perfect mate. This is a bit
      > weird, but hey this might be just crazy enough to
      > work. I searched for a few months and researched
      > how to find the perfect mate online before starting
      > my QUEST.
      > I am accepting applications as of August 24, 2003.
      > Be creative but no lies, not even white ones. Don't
      > worry you wont have to pay. They give you 3 Free
      > Days which will give you plenty of time to see my
      > profile, read about me... and EMAIL me. Don't
      > forget to include your email address for me to
      > respond to, a few photos of yourself, and most
      > important your attempt to gain access to my heart.
      > Here is the link, go to the site, register, look
      > around, and then search for my profile "Rachel1".
      > http://www.whodaresdates.com/landing.asp?afl=TYHO
      > I also love to chat and below is some of my contact
      > information but remember I am only accepting
      > applications if you will on the site above.
      > rachel1_nj@...
      > rachel1_nj@...
      > 232493071 ICQ
      > rachel1innj AIM

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