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Re: [TeslaTurbine] efficiencies

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  • Boyd Cantrell
    DeLesley Hutchins, I ll waste no more time with the other guy who can t do any thing except recite the textbook. You on the other hand have shown intelligence
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 31, 2002
      DeLesley Hutchins,

      I'll waste no more time with the other guy who can't do any thing except
      recite the textbook.

      You on the other hand have shown intelligence in that you have considered
      it. Thats all I
      would ever ask. I've had enough of those guys who can't think beyond what
      they think! the
      book means. I'm trying to get a few people like yourself togather to
      discuss intelligent things.

      I am pleased that you took enough time to do some actual thinking on this.
      Today is my 66 th birthday
      and the best presents I got just got. One was that letter from you and the
      other was from an Engineer
      who does this stuff for a living and he is going to help a little or a lot I
      don't know yet.

      Here is his letter.

      If the plan is to use R170 on the turbine/engine side, then that's the one I
      could use the data for.

      A turbine used as a gas expander will often produce sub-freezing, even
      cryogenic exhaust streams as it converts the fluid thermal energy to
      mechanical output, particularly if the inlet temperature is modest (near
      ambient) to begin with. If I can get the inlet pressure and temperature for
      the gas and the expected turbine exhaust pressure along with an expected gas
      flow rate, I can compute the turbine mechanical output (Horsepower), overall
      efficiency and the turbine exhaust temperature with good accuracy. If you
      can't predict the gas flow rate, I can work backwards from the desired
      horsepower and tell you what the flow rate must be to get it. The actual
      overall turbine efficiency is influenced by the amount of flow going through
      it for a number of reasons that I won't get into here. I don't think we
      discussed it, but I am assuming that you want to drive a generator (probably
      an induction generator....easier to deal with the utilities re
      interconnection issues ???) which would be operating at approximately 3660
      RPM (3600 plus overdriving "slip" to cause generating).

      Let me cook something up in the next couple-three days/ over the weekend and
      get back to you. I'll be out of town much of tommorow and Friday, so you
      might not hear from me till Mon/Tue.



      Thats the best birthday present I ever had. Even it it proves me wrong, it
      was done in the correct manner. Not by just reciting textbooks.

      I think I will not bother you people any longer. There is no hope for you
      know who and the others have no opinion, so I'll be done here.

      But DeLesley, I'd like to hear more if you think of more. My eaddress is

      Mean while, I'm going to try to digest what you said about an extra heat
      exchanger A, etc.

      Thank you all and I'm outahere.

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