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Greetings from Cincinnati, OH

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  • Mike Passerotti
    I m giving this list a try because I ve been designing a turbine for quite some time. Next thing ya know I ll be making the darn thing. Anyway you look at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2001
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      Greetings from Cincinnati, OH

      I'm giving this list a try because I've been designing a turbine for quite some time.  Next thing ya know I'll be making the darn thing.  Anyway you look at it, science is fun.  I'm a TEBA member and I hope to make an actual contribution toward mainstreaming Tesla's turbine design.  I noted that there were two lists to subscribe to and this one was less populated.  I gave a quick overview of the history on this list and noted there were plenty of diversions.  To me, no diversion is a bad diversion.  Anyone care to comment on achieving supersonic flow?

      What I've done so far:  I've drawn plans for a 6 inch runner ceramic turbine and talked to an industrial ceramics specialist about it.  Since I have a hard time estimating the temperature gradient and maximum temperature, he suggested I skip it.  The tougher ceramic materials for prototyping would easily push the price range through the roof.  So my first prototype will be metal runner and a home made hobbyist ceramic housing.  I'm going for lighter materials wherever possible.  If all goes well, I'll be starting construction on the ceramic mold inside a month.

      What else do I work on?  Glad you asked.  Tesla coils, water rockets, water rocket launch pads (comercial sales), water rocket cars, multimedia presentations on computers, hydrogen peroxide fuel, and capacitive energy storage.  (to name a few)

      Mike Passerotti - Software Engineer
      MedPlus Web Development Team
      8805 Governor's Hill Drive, Suite 100
      Cincinnati, OH 45249
      (513) 697-3200 xt 350
      (513) 583-8885 Fax

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