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Who? Re: Durga Re: [Shakti_Sadhana] Gayatri Mata

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  • SoverAnia Twain
    no mystery, the electric who , of the you and me, gender, personality. and no Mister We , indeed ... the collective, omni-deity ... SHE. you won t find a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31 2:08 PM
      no mystery,

      the electric 'who', of the you and me,

      gender, personality.

      and no 'Mister We', indeed ...

      the collective, omni-deity ...


      you won't find a single 'woman' or 'man' on the planet Earth.

      despite the universal church, school, media programming of 'it'.

      EVERY living body, EVERY heart, EVERY mind, EVERY personality aka gender around this divine world is different. one in seven billions!

      as to the KALI, again,

      SHE, the Adi Shakti, Ma Di ....

      there is NOT one who is arising, one 'Master Dia'.

      I have personally met hundreds myself, and interact with thousands 'through and through' Mother Gaia.

      yet the ONE who is the culmination, the aggregation, the whole heart/mind/body of humankind --

      SHE is the globe-circling rainbow of our magnetic connectivity, our unamity, our harmonizing chorus.

      SHE is the river, e-network cable, of our all knowing.

      SHE is the ocean of our total empowerment.

      this day,

      this whole day, of whole creation,

      this holiest of days, of the ~now~ of all ancestral traditions.

      all sacred wisdom, all spirit voices, all embodied instruments/technologies,

      begetting November 2008, the Sixth Sun of Awakening,

      our GLOBAL enlightenment ...

      Millennium Twain


      --- On Thu, 30/10/08, Shankari Kali <shankari_kali> wrote:

      From: Shankari Kali <shankari_kali>
      Subject: Re: [Shakti_Sadhana] Gayatri Mata
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      Date: Thursday, 30 October, 2008, 6:27 AM

      Well Durga is Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. Gayatri is a variant form
      of Saraswati. That being said Gayatri is also Durga as well.

      Shanti Om,

      --- On Wed, 10/29/08, salharmonica <salharmonica> wrote:

      I was wondering- does anyone know if
      Gayatri Mata is a variant form of

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