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Royal Covert Theatre! Re: Oblama Bin Laughin' ...

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  • Amma Twain
    aye Lynda, Sonja, the fiX is in ... we ARE the fiXers! http://www.ojaipost.com/2008/10/oblama_bin_laughin.shtml with and for all our sacred relations,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2008
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      aye Lynda, Sonja,

      the fiX is in ...

      we ARE the fiXers!


      with and for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain


      in a fiX,
      the fiXX is in,
      the fiXXX we're in ...

      true. OBLAMA is no more guilty of the global government G7 bailout fraud ... no more (less) a criminal than ROTHSCHILD PELOSI, than ROCKEFELLER BUSH.

      and the (publicly proclaimed) victims of the 10/10 Scham? the UK-Europe-US- Japan aristocracy bailout cabal? the voters/taxpayers.

      and the ACTUAL victims -- of universal deep-deflation of currency -- of hyper-escalation of food costs, of commodities costs, of services costs -- and the expansion of gangland government?

      the poor.

      simply the universal poor.

      (ninety percent of the population).


      as the Curtain Changes on the "Stage of Eternal Chicanery",
      as the White Western World Wealthy acting company bands more tightly together to protect their backstage perversity, their satanic rituals to maintain their drugged fascist secret government, their demonic horned-bestial corporate police state --

      the once-upon-a- time Middle Class has been blithely ERASED --

      and universal slavery EMPLACED!

      and actor Oblama-sama has not objected to his charade.
      Queen Elizabeth has not objected to her 'Con-Sipience' .
      Emperor AkiHito has not commented on his Con-Cordance.
      David Rockefeller of JP Morgan has not Con-Dissented.
      House Rothschild has not given up their Con-Script.
      The Seven Ruling families have not dissociated their Con-Complicity.
      Con-Ship-Of- State Israel has not jumped vessel.

      Who HAS left the fold?
      Who amongst the Aristos-Crazed has objected?


      the LEGAL system, the lawyers, have not objected, nor 'skipped the ship'. (they are the ones who feed on the system, prey on the poor through the Medieval COURT system -- whose sole purpose is victimizing the poor.)

      the POLICE and MILITARY have not objected -- after all WHO pays their salaries (at gunpoint?)

      the murderous DOCTORS have not objected.
      the lying MEDIA has not objected.
      the evil educators have not.

      [WHO has objected?]

      do you?


      none of the depraved aristos-crazy have objected to the VILE SECRET GOVERNMENT.

      none of those Aristos-Crazy have spoken against the own SINISTER SECRET GOVERNMENT.

      none of the malevolent ARISTOS CRAZY are revealing the CO-INTEL CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, ELECTIONS, BANKING, BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY, SCHOOLS, WAR -- their SECRET OPS WARS against all people, all cultures, all the Earth. their Murder of Mother Earth!

      none of these diabolical ARISTOS CRAZY are naming names, and calling for an end of their GAME OF SECRET GOVERNMENT.

      not a ONE has objected.

      do You?

      do YOU?




      I DO!


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