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Re: Greetins New members

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  • sivaramakrishnaiah_22
    Thanking you for your responce bye ... with other issues so, I have not been keeping up with developments in here. ... job very well and others have moved on
    Message 1 of 2 , May 12, 2008
      Thanking you for your responce

      --- In TeslaTurbine@yahoogroups.com, Charles Couch
      <cmichaelcouch@...> wrote:
      > Hello:
      > I have been a member in here for a long time but have been busy
      with other issues so, I have not been keeping up with developments
      in here.
      > The reason the group has fallen so silent may be that it did its
      job very well and others have moved on to other issues as well.
      > There is now a "Closed loop" Tesla System reportedly
      available. You might want to google Closed Loop Tesla Turbine and
      see if it comes up. I'll try to relocate the link and post it in
      > I have created a yahoo egroup called BeSTKGenset. B is for
      Boyce Hydroxy Cell, S is for Stirling or Smack Booster, T is for
      Tesla Turbine, K is for Konzen/Muller/Farncouer motor/generator. We
      also discuss the Pusle Jet as a driver for the Tesla Turbine. The
      idea is to incorporate all these great technologies into one system
      for power generation and hybrid Electric Vehicles.
      > I wanted to point out to people that an egroup has advantages
      over instant messaging for a group of collaborators...
      > 1. Enduring discussion - it is always available to new people
      and for review on the internet group.
      > 2. Time independence - no "phone tag" as with instant messages.
      > 3. Digests - open one email for the discussion update, reviewing
      former digests can bring you up to date easily.
      > 4. Photo and Files sections - create a great reviewable resource
      for participants.
      > 5. Database for accumulating and organizing data (I haven't used
      this in a group yet but I do see its potential)
      > In short the egroup is a great way to collaborate among a large
      > Michael Couch
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