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RE: [TeslaTurbine] force of gravity

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  • free radical
    hai thanks for ur reply. its so freaky u know wen we try and figureout all that works.anyway can u tell me websites which
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        thanks  for  ur  reply. its  so   freaky  u   know   wen   we  try  and figureout all  that  works.anyway   can   u  tell   me    websites   which  publishes amateur  questions ..and  allows  science  enthusiasts  to  answer  them ?..  askjeeves .com    used   to   provide  that   service  some  3   years   before  ....  have a  gr8  day    ...  thanks  n     bye

      Drew Marinich <twosimple4u77@...> wrote:
      How true is that! For every answer we find it only leads to ten more questions, which lead to ten more and on and on.  Myself I can't tell you why it's the square and not the cube either.  However I think that is was Sir Isaic Newton who came up with this ratio by calculating the rate at which objects accelerate on there path to the ground.  But don't quote me on that.
          Also I know the true force of gravity is something of a debate in modern physics right now. If string theory is ever proved our understanding of gravity will completly change

      Jose Bittar <jabittar@...> wrote:

      Only God knows.  You will have to ask Him why the speed of light is a
      constant, or to explain turbulence.

      >From: "free_radical15" <free_radical15@...>
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      >To: TeslaTurbine@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [TeslaTurbine] force  of  gravity
      >Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 15:52:44 -0000
      >hi  guys.......i  have  a   question which  has  been  troublin
      >me ...why is according 2 law of gravity the force between any two
      >objects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance
      >between them and not (say cube of the distance or to the fourth power
      >   thanx


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