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RE: [TeslaTurbine] has anyone bult a turbine?

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  • Drew Marinich
    I would like to see your picture s. Where are they posted at? When you were running test s what were you using for fuel? Any test results or info you could
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      I would like to see your picture's. Where are they posted at? When you were running test's what were you using for fuel? Any test results or info you could give me would be appreciated

      Glenn Kunsman <glenn@...> wrote:
      I have a 20 inch 20 blade stainless steel turbine sitting in my garage (wanna buy it) and has not seen any testing in years. I am a medical student now and lack money and time for further testing. I have photos posted.....
      The problem is not building the turbine - it is applying the technology to a viable energy producing process. Frank has put a lot of hours into that possibility and we are no further down the road then when we started.
      just my 2 cents
      Glenn Formerly Arizona now California.
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      I've built one. You can see pictures in the members section under tiny turbine. I've had the same idea for a supercharger also.  I think a tesla type supercharger would work great with a water injection system.  I'm still trying to find more spec's on the volute casing Tesla talks about in his pump patent. But I haven't had much luck so far.  Have you found out anything?

      tolbauctions <mtolb25356@...> wrote:
      i dont like the idea of the spacers near the edge. the origanal plan
      dose not have them. i think the plates should be able to bend toward
      each other.i would like to build one for use as a super charger on a

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