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765Re: Does anyone have any drawings?

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  • inetd_conf <benedict@hawaii.rr.com>
    Jan 24, 2003
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      --- In TeslaTurbine@yahoogroups.com, "martinjmc <martinjmc@y...>"
      <martinjmc@y...> wrote:
      > As in blue prints?or is this something where everyone is working on
      > projects that are similar but different thus making comparison of
      > results ponderous at best.

      Right now I'm working off the drawings in the Tesla Turbine book
      published by Lindsay. I'll happily post the DXF and PDF files for any
      deviations I make from those plans.

      But right now I'm working on getting my shop set up. It's still in
      crates, and I'm still shopless.

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