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Getting Started - Anok Sabe' Day Zero

<Fleet Academy, Firsties Barricks, Level 1, 0758 hrs> ON: This was not going according to tradition. Although the officers in the 1st Cadet Barricks were
Apr 26, 2009

"Under the Blankets with a Flashlight?" Karrem/Morganth **BACKPOST

*** THIS IS A BACK POST *** "Under the Blankets with a Flashlight?" Dr. Malloryn Morganth Starbase Senior Physician Lieutenant Jaris Karrem Temporal
Kerry Walters
Apr 24, 2009

[Goldeneye] Dagger Without A Cloak

"Dagger Without A Cloak" Cmdr Samuel Arrow Lt. cmdr. L'Mina, chief science Lt. Vincent Klein, Engineer Lt. Vor'al, Chief Tactical/Security Officer PO3
Jan 29, 2009

[Valas] Zeno's Paradox

Zeno's Paradox Dr. Thomko Valas, Ph.D., Xenoanthropologist Ship's Computer, USS GoldenEye Holodeck 2, USS GoldenEye - 2047 AD, Outside the Beta Tau Lundi
Jan 20, 2009

Preening and Pondering

"Preening and Pondering" Ensign Alexander Hartmann, FCO == Hartmann's quarters, USS GoldenEye - 2399 == Alex sighed. He was determined to make a good
Jan 13, 2009

Path of Lights pt. 2

"Path of Lights Part 2" Cmdr Samuel Arrow Captain Trace Stevenson, SAIC Lt. Cmdr. L'Mina, Chief Science Lt. Cmdr. Sorg Calyca Boothroyd, Chief Engineer Lt.
Jan 12, 2009


"Analysis" by L'Mina, chief science While the shuttle with the rescue crew was on its way, L'Mina was keeping an eye on the scanners.  One of the things she
Koen Ven
Sep 2, 2008

[Kame/Valas] Tea Time

"Tea Time" Ensign Kame Ahle, Nurse Dr. Thomko Valas, Civilian Scientist === Ens. Kame's Quarters, Aboard the GoldenEye, 2399 === Normally the humming would get
Jul 4, 2008

In The Darkness… Lies - Part 2

"In The Darkness… Lies - Part 2" By: Crewman Daniels == The Darkness of the Mars Dome - 2278 == Daniels had been cornered in what appeared to be a setup.
Donald Polansky
Jun 19, 2008

[Goldeneye] Path Of Lights Part 1

"Path of Lights" Cmdr Samuel Arrow Captain Trace Stevenson, SAIC PO3 Christopher Collinsgood Lt. Cmdr. L'Mina, Chief Science Lt. Vor'al, Chief
Jun 6, 2008

“Trivial Tribble-ations”

"Trivial Tribble-ations" == USS Caucasus - Bajor Sector - 2373 == Special Agents Volpes Dulmer and Nada Lucsly sat in the rear of the specially outfitted
Donald Polansky
May 15, 2008

"In The Darkness, Lies" [Daniels]

"In The Darkness, Lies" By: Crewman 1st Class Daniels == Mars Capital City Domed Complex - 2278 == Daniels walked casually among the main domed area of the
May 6, 2008

"Ready Or Not" [Norkotah/Kame]

"Ready Or Not" Commander Shar'Tae Norkotah Chief Medical Officer Ensign Kame Alhe, Nurse ===  Zahavat Station:  Main Sickbay === Shar sipped from a steaming
K. Michele
May 1, 2008

on their way

"on their way" by L'Mina, chief science While the ship was traveling L'Mina had very little to do so she had taken everything the Personal Time Travel Device
Koen Ven
May 1, 2008

To go or not to go

"To go or not to go" L'Mina, chief science Dr. Thomko Valas, Civilian Xenoanthropologist Prajna Walsh, temporal physicist == Zahavat Station - Deck 26
Koen Ven
Apr 29, 2008
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