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Relay Coil Request

Hi Everone In need of a relay or coil for high speed relay, it has 2 coils 7 ohms and 1000 ohms - the 1000 ohm coil has failed. Is there anyone on the groups
John Griffiths
Apr 7, 2012

Re: Items wanted for projects

Nick, I've never heard of a 2/2B, when I was installing them in 1970/1971 they were 2/2A so I presume the 2/2B represents an upgrade of some kind from the
Nov 1, 2011

Re: Items wanted for projects

PMBX 2/2B actually......... Nick Wellington Signal & Telecomms Engineering Manager Kent & East Sussex Railway Co. Ltd. Tel 01580 848214 _____ From:
Nick wellington
Nov 1, 2011

Re: Items wanted for projects

Just to say to the group, a big thank you for all help and advice sent. I have now managed to put my name to not one but three PMBX2/2A's. Again a very big
Nov 1, 2011

Re: Items wanted for projects

Hi..   PMBX 2/2A Offen come up on ebay but described differently so you have to regularly scan the telephone section. Key and lamp units are actually a
Malcolm Saffin
Jul 26, 2011

Re: Items wanted for projects

Well I am looking for switchboard 2A 2+6 PMBX. I have always known these as key & lamp units. I have been very ill the last two months and not been able to do
Ji Sco
Jul 26, 2011

Items wanted for projects

Hi.. Not after anything on the cheap.. Not looking to sell on for profit.. Urgently need phones for my own personal PABX "Total Recall" project and my HES2
Malcolm Saffin
Jul 26, 2011

New Wants List August 2010

Here is my wants list in case anyone wants to do any direct cash deal: =====================================================   HTS Telephones Considered,
Malcolm Saffin
Aug 21, 2010

Ron Thomas

Hi All..   Has anyone got Ron Thomas (Kent, UK) contact details which i think are public business number. ?   Need to ask him about selling me some house
Malcolm Saffin
Jul 23, 2010

Loop/pulse dialing on NTL lines ?

Does anyone know how old dials (such as the type 10 or 12) should be set up to work correctly on an NTL telephone line? Are they still 10 pps, also what is the
Bakelite Gal
Dec 11, 2009

Statesman handset cords

Does anyone have any new Statesman handset cord, preferably BROWN, but would consider any colour, thanks...... Nick Wellington Signal & Telecomms Engineering
Nick Wellington
Dec 2, 2009

705 pay on answer

Would anyone have a 705 pay on answer for sale or know someone that has ? Kiosk version please preferably in grey regards Andy CNet 0580 4291 CNet 0622 61818
Dec 1, 2009

Siemens Neophone

Has anyone ever duplicated the "Siemens Bros-London" water-decal as shown on the front of this Neophone in the link? If they are available, I am keen on
Ray K
Nov 24, 2009

Parts Needed

Hi All..   Im in the process of converting some old planset phones to normal 706 phones and have a requirement for the following parts..   Line Cord 3
Malcolm Saffin
Oct 21, 2009

GPO Manufacturing Materials and Techniques - Dial Backs

Hi All.. Does anyone have any archived information about original dial ring manufacture. I mean the abc/number disks and cypher disks at the back of the dials
Malcolm Saffin
Apr 14, 2009
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