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Professional Blogger and Copywriter

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    Job Description: [This telecommute employer] is looking for an energetic, talented, and motivated professional for blogging and copywriting for the website.
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      Job Description:
      [This telecommute employer] is looking for an energetic, talented, and motivated professional for blogging and copywriting for the website. The job requires creating and producing original luxury real estate blog content and [This telecommute employer] press releases.

      Job Requirements:

      * Blogging Experience (1+ years, must provide links/samples of work)
      * Proficient in Photoshop, Wordpress, Microsoft Word, FeedReader, and basic HTML
      * Solid understanding of search engine optimization and search engine marketing
      * Ability to craft content that is both search engine and consumer friendly (keyword research experience with Keyword Discovery, Advanced Web Rankings, SEO Toolkit, Web CEO, Webposition 4, or similar tool)
      * Experience writing appropriate metatags, titles and headlines.
      * Proficiency writing content that is clear, concise, creative and compelling.
      * Ability to work quickly, effectively and adhere to deadlines
      * Self-starter attitude; comfortable with working remotely and/or independently
      * Bachelor�s degree in English, Journalism, Writing, Marketing/Advertising or related major


      * Post 4+ entries each week on the [This telecommute employer] Blog
      * Track and Comment regularly on relevant external blogs and discussion boards. Must add value to discussion and participate consistently.
      * Track comments.
      * Use social networking sites and add links to self-registration sites to promote Lux ******* om
      * Coordinate and execute campaigns to feature other luxury professionals on the [This telecommute employer] Blog
      * Look for ways to engage and promote [This telecommute employer] on social networking and media sites
      * Ensure that copy on projects fulfills the creative and strategic vision devised by the team.
      * Draft and publish [This telecommute employer] press releases and other promotional material to major media networks

      Highly Recommended:

      * Experience with Web analytics (Hitbox, Omniture, or WebTrends) and ability to design reports and provide detailed analysis of results for both SEO and SEM initiatives
      * Experience with monetizing a blog. (advertising, affiliate marketing, adsense, etc)
      * CSS, JavaScript
      * Proficiency with a foreign language(s)

      Job Snapshot:
      Company: Lux ******* om
      Location: Denver � CO
      Compensation: Commensurate with experience
      Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree
      Classification: Full-Time
      Industry: Luxury Real Estate, Internet, Public Relations
      Manages Others: No
      Req�d Experience: Not/Specified
      Req�d Travel: No
      Relocation Covered: No
      Luxurio Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

      Please note: This is a paid full-time position. Articles and content cannot be duplicated anywhere else on the web, including your own website/blog. Compensation is negotiable but is ultimately commensurate with experience and quality of writing. Performance bonuses will be available. If candidate is a great blogger/writer, but lacks other job requirements training will be required.

      Why this is your dream join�

      * With LuxuryPRoperty.com at your side you will become an authority and expert in the luxury market. You�ll have the support of a world-class luxury brand and website to back your writing. You�ll gain a large following and may even become a luxury celebrity.
      * You�ll join a dynamic, close-nit, inspired team of professionals. You�ll also be able to work independently while researching and writing on the most prestigious/exclusive brands and companies in the world.
      * Blogging is now easier than ever, and as the [This telecommute employer] y.com professional blogger you will enjoy unlimited topics to write about. You�ll never have to worry about what to write. The luxury real estate market is brimming with interesting and engaging topics.
      * As a small, privately owned company, [This telecommute employer] offers you the chance to accelerate your career at an unimaginable speed. As you prove yourself and gain experience there will be no limit to your success. Opportunities and promotions will be yours for the taking: increased compensation, recognition, and all-expense-paid travel (for research) to the most luxurious destinations in the world.

      To apply, submit your r�sum� and/or credentials to: Careers {at} [This telecommute employer]



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