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Can Tegucigalpa make the "big time"?

According to BBC, "the manufactureres of Monopoly (which, they claim, is the best-selling board game in the world) are holding an online poll to decide which
Feb 18, 2008

Re: How do the toy recalls affect us here in Tegucigalpa?

Toys that have been recalled typically have detailed information on their website to help you identify your product. For example, the Mattel website has
Nov 20, 2007

Re: The Iguana Farm here in Tegucigalpa?

We haven't had the chance yet to look for it, but I'll certainly report back when I do! ... Farm ... about a ... Kennedy ... there. It ... want
Nov 20, 2007

Reptile - Snake "display" house

I've read somewhere about a place where you can go and see snakes and other reptiles. I understand they are alive, but maybe not. Anyway, I did finally find
Nov 19, 2007

The Iguana Farm here in Tegucigalpa?

Hi Amy Robertson! Hope you are doing great. I noticed on Honduras Living that you found out about an Iguana Farm here in the capital. "It's in the Colonia La
Nov 19, 2007

TeguCell - Hondutel Celular Phones

I'm also using Tegucell and it's not bad! In fact, I have really noticed that my talking time on the phone is probably a LOT longer now and much more relaxed
Nov 19, 2007

How do the toy recalls affect us here in Tegucigalpa?

As Christmas approaches many of us are wanting to get toys for the kids or maybe some of the kids around the city who won't get anything for Christmas if we
Nov 19, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

We did manage to get a big garden - the house is a little older, but we decided that was an ok trade-off for us for the garden, and the landlord is doing some
Oct 8, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

Hi Amy Welcome to Tegucigalpa. Congrats on finding a house. Did you get the garden you wanted? We found that the most difficult. We did get a house with a big
Oct 7, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

Just a quick update - we signed a rental contract yesterday, for a house in San Ignacio, so now I'm just looking for the maid...
Amy Robertson
Oct 6, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

Hi Amy Yes, we loved Quito, too! The only thing I think Tegucigalpa has on Quito is the warmer and drier weather! In Quito, we also loved the incredibly
Oct 1, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

In answer to the Qs below... Yes, we were in Quito. We LOVED it. It is safer than Tegucigalpa, and has a larger middle class, so there are more middle-upper
Oct 1, 2007

Re: Free Upper Cervical Exams

Hey Amy Coello It would have been great to know this a week ago so we could get the word out earlier to people we know in the community who really could do
Sep 27, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

Hi Amy Welcome to the group! Thanks for your introduction. Where were you guys in Ecuador? In Quito? My wife and I were considering moving to Quito from here,
Sep 27, 2007

Re: Hello everyone! Maids, housing

Welcome to TEGUC amy!! ... -- Amy L. Coello 816-256-3164 (office) 334-239-2846 (home) alcoello@...
Amy Coello
Sep 27, 2007
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