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RE: [CalHauntSNorCal] Need Ideas For Animated Scarecrow Prop

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  • Daniel Neumansky
    Okay so I think I have more of an idea about what I want to do for my first complicated animated prop. Big scarecrow on his uh,..cross..(happy Easter!!) with a
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 11, 2012
      Okay so I think I have more of an idea about what I want to do for my first
      complicated animated prop.

      Big scarecrow on his uh,..cross..(happy Easter!!) with a talking pumpkin on
      one side.

      When someone comes close but not right under the scarecrow that would
      trigger the talking pumpkin to do its spiel.

      Then when they got right underneath it the scarecrow would trigger.

      I'm thinking that for the scarecrows movement he could bend down from the
      waist and his free arm (the one not holding the pumpkin) could reach forward
      like it's trying to grab someone and he could trash about a bit like he's
      trying to break the chains holding him down.

      So, that's two cylinders probably that need to be controlled along with the
      audio for the scare crow.

      The talking pumpkin I think would need two separate audio tracks; a click
      track to make his mouth move correctly that you don't hear and the actual
      audio that you would hear.

      A loooong time ago I remember seeing how-to's for turning the Dougy Firs
      into talking tombstones but I cannot find the tutorial now?

      As far as I know no one has ever turned the Dougies into a talking pumpkin?
      Does anybody know if this has been done before?

      Now, given the above, does that help anybody suggest a microprocessor?

      Thanks again,


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      Subject: [CalHauntSNorCal] Need Ideas For Animated Scarecrow Prop

      Hello All,

      I was hoping that some of you would be inclined to help me spit ball some
      ideas for animating my static scarecrow prop.

      The prop is big, right up on our fence at the sidewalk and gets lots of
      people coming in close to take a picture.

      It looks like this.


      or at night


      The vague idea I have right now is.

      I would like it if it had two different uh, behaviors.

      I would somehow like it to know when a person is nearby but not right up
      underneath it.

      Then I would like it if it did some kind of subtle movement or sound that
      would draw people in closer.

      Then when they are right up next to it, it would do its 'big scare' whatever
      that would be.

      To this end I have a two stage microwave car alarm sensor that I would like
      to use. You can adjust its two settings-close-far with trim pots and I
      believe it would be ideal for this case.maybe.

      I also have a large assortment of pneumatic cylinders/valves, long throw,
      short throw and a decent range in-between.

      I believe that this is going to require a programmable microprocessor.. The
      MP that I've used and loved for years the OOPic is dead and gone and I need
      advice for a replacement.

      So, what do y'all think?

      Do you have any thoughts on what the two actions could be?

      Any thoughts on using a MW sensor?

      Any thoughts on what a good microprocessor would be for this use?

      Thanks so much,

      Daniel Neumansky

      Alameda CA

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