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Sport news from Copenhagen 2009

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    Having trouble seeing the pictures? Click here to read this newsletter in a browser www.copenhagen2009.org • MySpace • More News • GLISA • Contact •
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      Having trouble seeing the pictures? Click here to read this newsletter in a browser

      www.copenhagen2009.org MySpace More News GLISA Contact SAS
      Share the joy of love and freedom at World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen

      Be right in the middle of it; when more than 8000 happy people meet next year in Denmark.

      Come to Wonderful Copenhagen in July 2009 and join in the serious fun!
        38 different sports
      World Outgames will be the focus of the LGBT world next summer. With 38 different sports, diverse cultural activities, a multitude of workshops and an international human rights conference, Copenhagen is the place to be from 25 July to 2 August, 2009. Come to Copenhagen and enjoy your preferred sport,20have a drink in one of the Out Cities bars or dance a tango in Europe’s largest outdoors milonga. In short, you can have the time of your life alongside happy people from more than 80 different countries around the world.

      Read news about your preferred sport
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        From all corners of the world
      Participants from all over=2 0the world will fill the streets of Copenhagen next year from 25 July - 2 August. By now around 50 countries are represented and more will follow.
      An Outreach programme has been set up in order to ensure that people from all over the world have the possibility to take part in World Outgames 2009 despite their economic situation. Almost 200 athletes from Eastern Europe have applied for outreach support, and all of them will receive some assistance. Applications from the remaining parts of the world will be considered soon.

        Register now – feel special
      We want you all to=2 0feel special! Register now and get our full attention.
      All participants who have registered for World Outgames 2009 will be informed about special offers either exclusively or before everybody else.
      That is why the sooner you register the more you will get out of your participation in World Outgames 2009 by saving money on travel, accommodation, merchandise, or by being part of exclusive events during Outgames.

      Join the Yoga workshops
      Serious sport - no doping
      The Danish art of hygge
      Happiest people in the world
      Women, women, women
      The world takes ov er Copenhagen
      World Outgames 2009, Farvergade 10, 1463 Copenhagen, Denmark UNSUBSCRIBE
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