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Your News :: April 2012

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  • Nelson S. Lee
    News - worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 Are you unable to read this email? Read it online at www.world.outgames.org. April | 2012 Did you know? ANTWERP IS REALLY IN
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      News - worldOutgames Antwerp 2013

      Are you unable to read this email? Read it online at www.world.outgames.org.

      World Outgames Antwerp 2013 NEWS
      April | 2012   

      Did you know?


      antwerp and its distance to other cities


      Political contacts at the highest level

      We are thrilled to let you know that political support for the worldOutgames is steadily increasing. Over the past months we have had positive feedback from various members of the Belgian and European Parliament from a broad political spectrum. This tops up the political support we enjoy at the Flemish level, in the Province of Antwerp and in the Antwerp city council. Our chairman Bart Abeel and PR manager Louise Bettens had a lunch meeting with Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister and President of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament. And our worldOutgames political dream team met with spokesmen of our current Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo. Both meetings were fruitful because of the moral support that we received and because they have shed light on what further steps to take.

      Flanders Fits You

      Flanders Fits You


      Flanders Fits You




      Province of Antwerp




      Flanders Sports

      Flanders Equality

      Antwerp Pride







      Our team is expanding with 2 new key players

      Danny Jacqmot is our new Volunteer Manager. He is a longstanding volunteer at the Antwerp Pink House and WISH (association for the benefit of LGBT refugees and immigrants) and has built up considerable experience as a volunteer manager. He will be creating an attractive volunteer program to guide all local and incoming volunteers in promotional activities prior to and during the worldOutgames in August 2013.

      Gerard van Mourik is our new Human Rights Conference manager. Gerard left his hometown of Rotterdam to start this exciting challenging job here. He has worked for over 20 years for many NGO’s (including LGBT ones), mainly in Africa and the Far East, and has the best contacts and insights one could wish for this position. Welcome to both new team members!




      We are joining forces

      During the last General Assembly of the largest Flemish LGBT-federation çavaria we became an official member. The large Assembly voted yes to our membership. This means that we can work together with all other members of çavaria to strengthen the organization of the worldOutgames. We are proud to become a member and would like to thank çavaria for this opportunity.



      worldOutgames 2013 Anwterp will be present at WinterPRIDE 2012

      Succes in Berlin

      Together with the City of Antwerp, worldOutgames hosted a VIP-reception during the Propaganda Party (Berlin’s biggest gay event of the year) at the Goya. It was a huge success. Over 250 VIP’s gathered around at the Balcony of the Goya, joined later by more than 1.500 party-goers. Highlight of the evening was the smashing performance of our Ambassador, international pop diva Kate Ryan. We were featured in a 5 page advertorial distributed in the main German LGBT press. We are grateful to the City of Antwerp and Goya for helping us in making this evening a success. If you want to get a taste of the event, check this video compilation




      worldOutgames 2013 Anwterp will be present at WinterPRIDE 2012

      City of Antwerp history lesson

      Did you know that between 1873 and 1934 over 2 million European emigrants sailed from the port of Antwerp aboard the Red Star Line fleet to start a new life in the USA? Among the passengers were poor migrants looking for a better life across the ocean. Some would later become very successful: Arthur Murray, Irving Berlin, Golda Meir and Albert Einstein are just a few of these immigrants. Sons and daughters of Red Star Line passengers also rose to fame, such as Fred Astaire or former US ambassador to Belgium Sam Fox. It is said that today 60 million Americans are direct descendants of people who left the old continent from the port of Antwerp on the Red Star Line. The new Red Star Line museum will open its doors in 2013, so worldOutgames Antwerp will be a perfect occasion to pause and trace some lines in history.



      Kate Ryan opens EuroGames Rotterdam

      Out on Social Media

      worldOutgames Antwerp is proud to be out, and we are finally coming out on social media.

      Stay tuned for all the latest news and scoops.

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