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148Your News :: October 2012

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  • Nelson S. Lee
    Oct 28, 2012
      worldOutgames Newsletter

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      October 2012

      Mariela Castro met our team

      Mariela Castro, daughter of the Cuban president Raúl Castro and director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education in Havana and activist for LGBTQ rights in Cuba, was in Belgium to support the launch of a new sexology course at the University of Ghent. Afterwards she met with some of our team members. Mrs Castro was pleased to hear about the worldOutgames and we agreed that collaboration between her country, herself and her people would be possible during the worldOutgames in all three of the event's main cornerstones: the human-rights conference, the sports programme and the cultural festival. We’re very excited about this opportunity.

      Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo at UN General Assembly

      Our Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo spoke at the UN General Assembly in New York. Being the first openly male gay prime minister in the world, he was very courageous in placing LGBTQ rights on the agenda, declaring that same-sex marriage and adoption, which have been legal in our country since 2003, were aspects that Belgium was proud of. He also mentioned the worldOutgames coming to Antwerp next year, calling it ‘a gathering of tolerance and diversity’. We’re very proud of our prime minister. The entire text of his speech can be read following this link http://www.world.outgames.org/index.php/en/communication/speech-dirupo

      Agreements with LGBT press

      We’re proud to announce that with several press concerns, both in print and online, deals have been made to promote the worldOutgames. So check your favourite magazines, blogs, websites and let us know whether you’ve heard about us. If we’re not yet in your preferred media, please give us their contact details so we can approach them too.

      Collaboration with European sports tournaments

      This autumn our promotion team is visiting several LGBT sports tournaments. We were present in Paris at the Forum of the FGLS and in Barcelona during their Panteres Grogues multi-tournament. We will also be promoting the worldOutgames during the multi-sport tournaments in Bern, Switzerland and Eindhoven, Holland the coming weeks. If you still want to register for those tournaments, visit their websites. If you’d like to have us at your sports tournament, do let us know.