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Re: [TaxoCoP] Cimino's Desiderata

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  • John O'Gorman
    I ran across this list when I worked at Alberta Heath Services and was able to deliver on all of Cimino s requirements (plus a few that he didn t include, like
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      I ran across this list when I worked at Alberta Heath Services and was able to deliver on all of Cimino's requirements (plus a few that he didn't include, like applying the same principles to Person, Place and Physical Assets).  Barring some serious politics and a budget 'crisis' these would be in place at AHS today. Now I'm doing the same for oil and gas...not nearly as 'terminology oriented' as Healthcare but it's a living! :D 
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      I ran across the mention of this today, and thought it might be of interest to others.

      It's an article about Cimino's Desiderata, concerning the design of a controlled vocabulary for healthcare:


      Though it seems to me that this process of disambiguation is applicable to more than just healthcare.


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