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Re: facilitating taxonomy workshops and development

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  • proudfit_bill
    I recommend you try to gain some general skills in facilitation to learn how to elicit what people are thinking about when they organize their information. A
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2011
      I recommend you try to gain some general skills in facilitation to learn how to elicit what people are thinking about when they organize their information. A 2 or 3 days workshop would be worth the expense, time and effort. Some possible places to start:

      Straits Knowledge in Singapore - Patrick Lambe and Edgar Tan have published this very good reference "KM Approaches, Methods and Tools - A Guidebook". Straits Knowledge also offers workshops from time to time.

      Cognitive Edge's Accreditation workshops are offered throughout the world. You can learn how to elicit from people how they are making 'sense' of their world and this can be quite useful when combined when creating a taxonomy.

      The Institute of Cultural Affairs - Taiwan - a good source of information and excellent workshops if you are in Asia-Pacific - they use 'Technology of Participation' methodologies

      International Association of Facilitators - for general information on facilitation

      --- In TaxoCoP@yahoogroups.com, "tputkey" <tputkey@...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Heather, for the comments and references. I appreciate the
      > feedback and will look into the references.
      > For my internship, it was something I created by approaching a content
      > management company. They were interested, too, so it all worked out.
      > They did allow me to tag along to their taxonomy workshop, take notes
      > and participate (though I was mostly just trying to learn, not to solve
      > problems). What you outlined was much like we did in the workshop, but I
      > was really looking for more details and references (partly because when
      > I facilitate workshops as an IA, I'm always wondering at the best ways
      > to engage people so this is specific interest of mine).
      > Of the things-to-do listed, some questions: "Gaining support and by-in
      > by the participants (since some might be initially skeptical)"
      > * How might one gain support?
      > * Would you show an example of another product? Would you whiteboard
      > their current website or content and then show how it would change with
      > the new taxonomy?
      > * While people may get the concept of a taxonomy, they may not
      > understand how it impacts their work.
      > "Getting yourself educated in the issues that the taxonomy project will
      > face so you can better plan the project"
      > * Would you brainstorm on post its about this? Sometimes, issues
      > aren't on top of the mind...
      > "Gaining some starter specific input for categories/facets/hierarchies,
      > and just learning about your client and individuals better"
      > * In what ways would you try to gain starter information? Is this
      > sample content that you would look at?
      > * In doing a 2 day workshop, have you learned enough about your
      > client and individuals, through all this talking, or do you need to do
      > something else?
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