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  • Smith, Lisa
    Cc-ing the Teragram User s Group in this response in case there are members whose affilitations do not cross over. You might want to join the Teragram User s
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 12, 2007
      Cc-ing the Teragram User's Group in this response in case there are members whose affilitations do not cross over. You might want to join the Teragram User's Group if you're not a member already. Go here http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teragramusers/ and click "Join this Group".
      As many of us can attest to, the English language is a very complex language. I would absolutely recommend Teragram for a monolingual organization. The company I am working for is only dealing with English language content at this time, but we felt it was well worth the investment in Teragram because of the flexibility of the categorization module, which can be combined with concepts grammars functionality. We have found both the expanded word forms (noun forms and verb forms) in Boolean rules as well as other part-of-speech information attainable through concepts grammar rules to be invaluable in our process.
      My two cents.
      Lisa Smith
      Director, Taxonomy

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      Lisa and group:

      We have not yet decided on a vendor, but Teragram is being

      Since you are all Teragram users, I wanted to know if the Teragram
      Categorizer is worth it for a monlingual organization. I know the
      World Bank and others use it, but the ones I am aware of are

      Would any of you recommend it for an organization that is strictly
      English language?

      Thank you.

      Gail Rayburn

      --- In TaxoCoP@yahoogroups .com, "Smith, Lisa" <lsmith@...> wrote:

      > My apologies to those of
      you not interested.
      > Invitation to join the Teragram User's
      > The Teragram User's Group is an unofficial, grassroots
      open to
      > all users of Teragram software, components, and
      modules. Users
      > Developers, Librarians, System
      Administrators, Taxonomists, Content
      > Managers, and Information Retrieval
      Specialists, among others.
      > We welcome discussions of issues
      (particularly resolutions and
      > workarounds) , tips, tactics, and case
      studies of individual
      > where Teragram has been implemented.
      Visit the homepage to join
      > (
      href="http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teragramusers/">http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ teragramusers/ -- click "Join
      > Group").
      > This group is NOT
      sponsored or administered by the Teragram
      href="corporation--http://www.teragram.com.">corporation- -http://www. teragram. com.
      > Please contact me directly at this time if you have any
      > joining.
      > Lisa M. Smith
      Director, Taxonomy
      > 1-310-586-4198

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