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4723Your advice on Visual Taxonomy Browsing?

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  • Frank Guerino
    Jul 16, 2014

      We’ve started tinkering with different interactive visualizations to try and facilitate better browsing of Taxonomies for improved end user experience.

      One such example is what we call a Horizontal Nested Partition Visualization, which works off of Semantic Data.

      The way it’s currently structured allows visual focus of Parent/Child relationships to expand or contract and “shift" dynamically.

      How to operate the visualization:

      • Clicking on a Child Block causes the visual focus to "shift right” and zoom in, further expanding that Child’s visual lineage
      • Clicking on the “left-most" Parent Block causes the visual focus to “shift left” and zoom out, contracting that Parent’s visual lineage
      • Clicking on a Leaf Child (i.e. a grey block/node) resets the Nested Partition Browser to it’s original state (fully zoomed out)
      • Clicking on a block's/node’s label will drive the user to another page that would represent the details of that block/node in the taxonomy

      I’d appreciate your thoughts on whether or not you think such visualizations would be useful and what you see as limitations or even further potential.

      My Best,

      Frank Guerino, Chairman
      The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
      1.908.294.5191 (M)