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4692Synonym by algorithm (and crowd)

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  • Gabriel Tanase
    Apr 4, 2014

      Found this short story in the online pages of the Irish Times newspaper, about a new website serving synonyms.
      Nice one, I thought; let's see.

      Went to this thesaurasize website, typed 'merger' in the search box.
      Got back a list of 111 synonyms.
      Some among them: 'bracketing', 'cahoots', 'collegialism', 'congeries', 'copulation', 'ecleticism', 'ecumenism', 'embodiment', 'encompassment', 'enosis', 'fraternalism'
      ... and many more words claiming a warm, fraternal relationship with 'merger' (ending up with 'yoking').

      Why did I not read this just before April 1st? would have been an excellent example of a "looks like an April Fool's joke, but it isn't".

      I so wonder... Why bear the yoke of manually curating a thesaurus, when the Internet gives us the thesaurasizor?
      Oopps, it doesn't offer any synonym for 'thesaurasizor'...

      You will note in their About page that thesaurasize is based on Wiktionary (specifically Wikisaurus) and Princeton WordNet.
      Has anybody based a production system on any of these?

      Kind regards,