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  • Frank Guerino
    Mar 2, 2014
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      Good Day,

      As a reminder to the community, The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) publishes and maintains open Enterprise Taxonomies (http://www.if4it.com/taxonomy.html).

      The taxonomies are based on controlled vocabularies that are common to most enterprises.  Examples include but are not limited to:

      • Taxonomy of Capability Types
      • Taxonomy of Configuration Item Types
      • Taxonomy of Document Types
      • Taxonomy of Glossary Types
      • Taxonomy of Inventory Types
      • Taxonomy of Record Types
      • Taxonomy of Service Types
      • Taxonomy of Software Types
      • Etc.

      Such taxonomies are often used to:

      • Seed systems that rely on taxonomies for things like classification, indexing, and grouping of Data & Information,
      • Maintain alignment between multiple systems by providing Taxonomy variations/permutations that are lexicographically and ontologically aligned,
      • Provide Controlled Glossaries to enterprises,
      • Educate/Train students and professionals who rely on such taxonomies in their areas of study or professional practice.

      Check "http://www.if4it.com/taxonomy.html" for regular updates and new releases.

      I hope you find the material useful.

      My Best,

      Frank Guerino
      The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)

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