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4670Re: What do you want aspiring taxos to know?

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  • Jessica Sullenberger
    Jan 4, 2014
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      Hi there,

      As one of those aspiring taxonomists, I would love to get further feedback from the group and hear suggestions about methods for learning how to apply the standards, as well as any other suggestions on how to learn applied skills and become more marketable in your field.

      I have my MLIS, experience as a librarian and in ecommerce content, and I'm nearly finished with a post master's cert that I have tried to gear toward taxonomy, but I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface. Having taken an intro to taxonomy course, and read Heather Hedden's awesome book, I am familiar with the standards and with taxonomy creation on a surface level, but I have been struggling with how to go deeper. Of course, learning more about the standards sounds like a great first step. How would you prioritize those? Which one would you start with? Any and all feedback is extremely helpful!

      Thanks so much,
      Jessica Sullenberger
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