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4666Re: [TaxoCoP] What do you want aspiring taxos to know?

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  • Heather Hedden
    Jan 2, 2014
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      Yes, Leonard's suggestion of standards is a good one.
      For your reference, I wrote a review of ISO 25964, including comparing it to ANSI-NISO Z.39.19-2005.
      Since ISO 25964 comprises two parts, that were published over a year apart, I wrote separate review articles of each (published in The Indexer):

      ANSI-NISO Z.39.19, by contrast is free, but ISO 25964 includes some topics not covered in ANSI-NISO Z.39.19, and the latter is also newer/more recent. So, I think you should consider including it in a course.

      -- Heather


      Heather Hedden
      Hedden Information Management
      Carlisle, MA


      On 1/2/2014 8:00 AM, Leonard Will wrote:
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