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4635Re: [TaxoCoP] Tagging to levels

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  • Karen Bulow
    Oct 18, 2013
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      Sorry I meant to add Gary and Marjorie too!  I also should tell you that I know the system well and what it is being used for.  I see no reason why they are suggesting this though I will ask just to see. 

      On , Karen Bulow <karen_bulow@...> wrote:
      Thank you Ruth!  Citing the source also gives me a lot of power for my argument.  Now I need to convince them of that.  I also need to convince them that there can't be three different interpretations of what a level is.

      On Friday, October 18, 2013 8:22 AM, Ruth Kaufman <ruth.kaufman@...> wrote:
      The database design might be tied to a broader information design, where the first level tags also serve as a navigation scheme Ina front end application. There is obviously no way for me to know, but I've seen enough cases like that to venture a guess. So although your tagging strategy is more correct, I suggest verifying the reason that rule exists in context of the broader system, in case tagging books at a lower level doesn't yield the expected result and inadvertently makes the UI harder for users to use/ comprehend, or even breaks it. 

      Good luck!

      On Thursday, October 17, 2013, gary carlson wrote:
      One way to resolve this would be to do some user research to dig into the search and browse habits of the people retrieving/using the information. Also a review of the search logs, if you have them, could provide some guidance as to how people are thinking about the content.

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      I am a librarian turned content manager/taxonomist.  In my 15 years as a librarian, I was always taught to tag content to the appropriate term no matter the level.  I now am in the corporate world and am working on a database where I tag books and chapters. The designer of the database thinks that the books should not be tagged any lower than our first level in the taxo and subsequent information encompassed in that book should only be tagged at a lower level than the book tagging.  This is very limiting on the scope of the content I am working with for some books as some books, in my mind, should be tagged at a lower level as the content is specific to lower level tags.  What am I missing?  Has anyone else run across such rules?  Is there any validity to them? I don't see the validity in this. 

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