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4628RE: Tagging & Thesaurus Tools

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  • aredmondneal
    Oct 6, 2013
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      There is a list of taxo and tagging software at http://taxocop.wikispaces.com/TaxoTools. I don't know how many are current. I can vouch for the currency and effectiveness of Data Harmony tools (Thesaurus Master and the tagger M.A.I.), since I work for the producing company.


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      I'm interested in evaluating some standalone tagging and thesaurus tools.  I need to tag a collection of documents and other materials.  They are in a simply folder structure on a share drive.  I can create a new structure if I like.  I want something that I can use to describe the documents now and then import the descriptions into an, as yet, not sourced or built content management system.  

      Many thanks,


      Bill Proudfit
      Hong Kong
      twitter ~ @baoman

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